Hi! This is me, Sandra, the owner of this website. I am the creative head, who loves learning new things and gets excited about new projects and here is my story…

boho macrame wall hangings and lightingWhen I moved to a Victorian property, full of character, my views towards home interiors changed completely. I understood that I wanted this house to be completely different, so I started planning.   

After much thought, I decided that bright, ‘standard’ interiors are not an option for me, and I really want to “go dark”. My inspiration for dark interiors came partially from Abigail Ahern, an interior designer based in London. 

I was all excited about painting the walls dark blue (Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball) and also a little bit scared because of the common belief that dark colour “makes the room look smaller”. I loved the effect of depth and contrast that was achieved and I have to confess I don’t even have a single thought of coming back to the light colours ever again!

Despite my excitement of painting and decorating the rooms, I soon realised that I was struggling to find perfect lighting match the styles i was going for and this is how it all began….

It all started by creating a perfect lampshade for myself. Even though it took me quite some time to remember crocheting, knitting and macrame skills I learned from my grandmother and craft lessons at school, but it was all worth it.

As I was working on my first lampshade, I realised that I am completely in love with the whole process of creating new, unique products. I got so obsessed that I wanted to make another one and another one..

After making few different designs, I was beginning to get interest from people who had seen them, who then started asking if i could make one for them – So I decided to start making quirky boho lighting as well as macrame wall hangings for a living!

And so this is where I am now. With my little helpers who are also passionate about handmade stuff, I am working on new projects every day. Although it is a new beginning, I am going to be adding new products consistently so if you like my work, you can keep checking my website on a regular basis or follow me on Instagram @theknottedtouch